Interaction Checker

Interaction Query Service

This service is for Health Care Professionals and is only for queries relating to drug-drug interactions which your hospital pharmacy or medicines information unit have been unable to answer.

Please submit full details using the link below. Your query will be assessed by a specialist hepatitis pharmacist and a reply will be normally sent within two working days.


This service is only for queries from Health Care Professionals relating to drug-drug interactions with simeprevir.

Ask a Question


A response to a submitted query relates only to known or suspected effects on drug exposure of interacting medications, and is based on relevant data in the public domain, and completeness of information supplied by the requester. No clinical advice is given or implied, clinicians must exercise their own judgement in relation to the risks and benefits of combining drugs, which depend on factors beyond pharmacokinetic interactions between two drugs. The University of Liverpool shall not be held responsible for the application or use of any response it gives and the requester shall hold the University of Liverpool harmless against any consequences arising from the same.

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