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Expansion of the interaction classification to include "yellow".

Tuesday 28 February 2017

We are have recently expanded our interaction classification to include a new “yellow” classification. In contrast to the existing amber interactions which are “potential clinically significant and likely to require additional monitoring, alteration of drug dosage or timing of administration”, the new yellow classification is for potential interactions likely to be of weak intensity where additional action/monitoring or dosage adjustment is unlikely to be required.

We are currently reviewing all amber interactions for the HCV DAAs and, where appropriate, reclassifying as yellow. This is being done on an incremental basis; interactions with DAAs and over 95% of the comedications have now been reviewed. Once this has been done, the printable charts will be updated to reflect this new classification and the revised interactions.
Please note, it is necessary for users of the HEP iChart app to ensure that the app (as well as the data) has been updated to the latest version so that yellow interactions can be displayed.

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